You Will Never Believe…

Who lives in my backyard?

Well, these little dwellings started popping up at the beginning of summer…right after we checked out this book from the library:

Fairy Houses Everywhere by Barry and Tracy Kane

Suddenly, our boring old backyard with “nothing to do” became a magical land.

This was the first home that mysteriously appeared after my two daughters spent an afternoon together.  (I think the artistic talents of the fairies were really flowing that day.)

We have a broken down ditch fairy wonderland just behind our property.  One day, some fairy condos appeared.  

These condos even came with washed out concrete a personal freshwater spring for the fairies to splash and play in.

We have reason to believe that this may be the home of the tooth fairy.  Shortly after it appeared, a neighbor girl lost her tooth.

Coincidence?  I think not.  😉

Today, this lovely dwelling appeared after Cupcake and her Mamita spent some time in the blistering heat outside.

Seriously, this book has inspired such creativity from my girls!

It is  especially heart-warming to see my little one run off with friends  bubbling with excitement and brimming with ideas.  Always in my mind, I remember the  serious, frightened child who came to me with no imagination, no ability to pretend and no time for play.

What a transformation!

All the praise goes to God, who heals hearts and makes them sing!

Blessings to you,



An American Girl Date

My middle two have been at camp this week, so I had lots of free time with Cupcake.  On Wednesday, we had a date at the new American Girl Store at our local mall.  I had to go early to put our name in for the Bistro, since they do not take reservations, except for birthdays.  (It’s about a three hour wait.)   After school (she’s in summer school), we got dressed up and took her doll, Kanani, to the store.

She was very excited to get her doll’s ears pierced.

I had fixed Kanani’s hair to match Cupcake’s.  We had several compliments on the great styling!  HA!  That is a miracle, since I am “hair challenged”.  Until Cupcake came along, my hair skills consisted of “Up Ponytail” and “Down Ponytail”.

In the Bistro…

We had a lovely time and it was so enjoyable to spend some girly time with my little one.

Blessings to you,



Welcome to my new site!  

It’s going to be a while before I have things set up the way I like them, since I only get 5 minutes a day to fiddle with things….and then I’d like to write some posts also.  I moved because Blo&&er just up and stopped working for me a few weeks ago.  I couldn’t use my laptop to edit/create posts, using any browser.  

So here I am.

I’ve got lots of posts in my head and a few I’ll have to recreate from memory, since they never got published.  Sigh.  

Please bear with me during this construction phase.

Blessings to you,