An American Girl Date

My middle two have been at camp this week, so I had lots of free time with Cupcake.  On Wednesday, we had a date at the new American Girl Store at our local mall.  I had to go early to put our name in for the Bistro, since they do not take reservations, except for birthdays.  (It’s about a three hour wait.)   After school (she’s in summer school), we got dressed up and took her doll, Kanani, to the store.

She was very excited to get her doll’s ears pierced.

I had fixed Kanani’s hair to match Cupcake’s.  We had several compliments on the great styling!  HA!  That is a miracle, since I am “hair challenged”.  Until Cupcake came along, my hair skills consisted of “Up Ponytail” and “Down Ponytail”.

In the Bistro…

We had a lovely time and it was so enjoyable to spend some girly time with my little one.

Blessings to you,



One thought on “An American Girl Date

  1. Kim says:

    thank you for the forwarding information…anxious to see how you like wordpress. Enjoy your summer!

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